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Fink & Partner GmbH has been developing and selling software solutions for the administration and processing of measurement results since 1992. The range of applications has been continuously expanded over the years.

Initially, the focus was on analysis management in instrumental analytics for materials testing. Still, now many industries and areas in production and research are supported in which measurements are carried out, tracked, validated, and documented.

The [FP]-LIMS product family, now available and developed from [DIA]-Analysis Management [DIA]-2000, contains LIMS and CAQ software functions and can support even more complex workflows, e.g., the development and use of production recipes.

Individual solutions

The willingness to respond to individual requirements and integrate them into existing solutions is of fundamental importance for customer satisfaction.

This has resulted in a large number of interfaces to devices, standard software, and customer-specific software systems, which considerably facilitate the implementation of new projects.

Furthermore, the low maintenance work and the possibility for the user to carry out adjustments to the configuration independently increase the acceptance of the software.

The complete product know-how is covered by the employees of Fink & Partner GmbH. Development, quality assurance, and final tests are carried out in-house.

If required, it is possible to fall back on the development capacities of Fink Software GmbH. The processes of software development based on the division of labor are supported and safeguarded by the specified and implemented clear structures of the quality management system introduced in both companies by ISO 9001:2015.

With an efficient remote maintenance work, the approx. 6000 installations worldwide are supported by Fink & Partner.

LIMS Software DIA is now FP LIMS - Fink und Partner GmbH

USA Branch

1441 Woodmont Ln NW #1827
Atlanta GA 30318

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