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Interesting facts about quality management and optimization of laboratory processes

We at Fink & Partner improve laboratory processes with our [FP]-LIMS. In this way, you reduce your documentation effort, cut costs and take an important step towards digitalization and industry 4.0. On our blog, we would like to share our knowledge with you. We write competently and application-oriented about products and applications for industrial and research laboratories.

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Sales Interview

Interview with the sales department of Fink & Partner: Michael Kramer and Marleen Haack discuss the upcoming standards in the laboratory industry.
Fink & Partner - Industry 4.0 - chemical industry

Chemistry 4.0 and LIMS

LIMS software for your Chemistry 4.0 laboratory: The chemical industry has nowadays to adapt to the rising standards of Industry.

Foundry 4.0 and LIMS

In oder to adapt to the requirements of Industry 4.0, foundries have to make improvements as well. Implement [FP]-LIMS for your foundry 4.0!

Industry 4.0 and LIMS

Industry 4.0: [FP]-LIMS is the LIMS software solution designed by the German company Fink & Partner for digitalized lab workflows.
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Quality management and LIMS

Quality management and LIMS: Are you looking for a LIMS software to optimize your quality processes? Check out [FP]-LIMS and find out more!

Measurement uncertainty

Have you ever heard that measurement uncertainty leads to true and reliable results? Read our article and find out the correlation to LIMS.