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The increasing number of standards and product regulations is indispensable for the highest quality of the individual products of the various manufacturers. However, this also means that more and more work is required in the form of detailed documentation and regular inspections. Due to intense global competition, productivity must also be constantly monitored and work processes in the laboratories improved. However, resources for this are often very limited and many companies are increasingly reaching their logistical and technical limits.

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Automation & compliance with all standards with [FP]-LIMS software

The standard interface to ERP systems, such as SAP R/3, is not only used to manage master data. The processing of test or production orders can also be seamlessly controlled and completely adapted to the latest standards. If a regulation is changed, only the master inspection regulation has to be updated. The associated tests are then also changed completely automatically. In the same way, the creation of certificates and attestations based on test and production data is carried out automatically. These can be supplemented by relevant process information if necessary. Test results of raw materials or preliminary products can also be mapped to certificates of several production orders without double entry. With the Fink & Partner LIMS software, you can also design your documentation highly efficiently and ensure the comparability of generated results.

Optimizing your work processes with the [FP]-LIMS software

With the powerful LIMS software by Fink und Partner, you have everything firmly under control in a combined management system. With [FP]-LIMS, you can not only monitor individual work processes but also ensure compliance with demanding regulations and standards, meet your documentation obligations without errors, manage samples, evaluate important key figures and react quickly to bottlenecks in the workflow. Thanks to the universal, easily integrated interfaces of the [FP]-LIMS software and our extensive, cross-sector expertise, all measurement and ERP systems can be networked with each other. The extensive partner network with the numerous laboratory instrument manufacturers also allows us to offer you the latest configurations and extensions. In the meantime, the Fink und Partner LIMS software does not lose its downward compatibility and thus its release capability. Thus the system always remains individually adapted according to your desires and special needs. Only in this way are you able to recognize opportunities and problems and to optimize your processes and workflow sustainably without great expenditure of time and resources. The work of your laboratory personnel is additionally supported by automated tests, the creation of reports and test certificates as well as individual work instructions. Manual entries are reduced to a minimum in order to avoid mistakes.

Resource Management with [FP]-LIMS Software

With the LIMS software, you can not only optimize your work processes and documentation, but your resources are also managed economically in the best possible way through communication with your ERP/PP systems. Thus, logistical data can also be integrated and processed in a practical way, for example, to effectively manage suppliers or complaints.  The central control, documentation and statistical evaluation of all inspection orders or, for example, measurement equipment capability analyses allow you to access your data at any location via the work PCs and thus react quickly to problems in production. Your quality management is accomplished by the [FP]-LIMS software in conformity with standards and at the same time more efficiently. But also your personnel and their individual qualifications, as well as the high-priced measuring systems and other laboratory equipment, can be optimally planned with the help of the Fink und Partner LIMS software. The optimal allocation of your personnel and material resources to the appropriate laboratory processes is no longer a problem. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine all relevant costs in order to identify potential savings and to make quality costs transparent. Especially in laboratories with several locations or different production lines, this is a time-consuming and costly task.

A detailed overview and even more efficient use of all resources are your advantages over competitors. Fink und Partner brings you exactly there through our many years of experience, our strong partnerships with a large number of measuring instrument manufacturers and our [FP]-LIMS software, which has been tried and tested thousands of times worldwide. Contact us! We will find the right solution for your problems and work processes.

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