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Are you wondering whether our LIMS solutions are suitable for your laboratory process?

Our LIMS solutions company has many years of experience in quality departments, labs, measuring stations, from research and development (R&D) and production in a wide range of industries. Our LIMS software will help you out mapping effective laboratory processes, which means efficient work with your resources and reduce at the same time development and production costs.  

The laboratory software DIA becomes the LIMS software FP-LIMS

LIMS solution for your Lab 4.0

In the 21st century, the laboratory industry has been developing very fast towards digitalization and automation. Therefore, the right LIMS solution plays a crucial role in such processes. [FP]-LIMS fulfills such standards thanks to its sophisticated software architecture and open interfaces to measurement devices and upper-level systems. In an interview, CEO Philip Moerke talks about how [FP]-LIMS solution digitalizes and automizes laboratory workflows:

“[FP]-LIMS is an IoT technology because it makes digitalization processes in your lab just easier, starting with connecting your measurement devices with each other, even if they are produced by different manufacturers, and automatically imports data through its open interfaces. Nevertheless, some clients still work with the manual import, which explains the flexibility and adaptability of [FP]-LIMS to client’s requirements. Also, [FP]-LIMS communicates with upper-level systems such as ERP and SAP, and since 2020 has the certified interface to SAP S/4HANA®. “

How to get automatization & conformity to all standards thanks to FP-LIMS software

The certified interface to ERP systems of these informatics solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA®, is not only used to manage master data. It also allows the processing of inspection lots, test orders, or production orders to be implemented seamlessly into the laboratory process.  

The connected measurement devices can automatically supply measurement data to the LIMS software solution to improve efficiency. Reports, certificates, and attestations belong to the advantages of a LIMS and can be generated automatically with test and production data. These can be supplemented with relevant process information if required. Test results of raw materials or pre-products can also be mapped to certificates, even if several production orders are assigned.   

Besides, the LIMS solution allows you to assign your documentation (for ex. in lab notebooks) to the laboratory process and thus keep it audit-proof.  

Optimization of your work processes with FP-LIMS

With the laboratory information management system, you can:  

  •  Not only monitor individual work processes

  • Ensure compliance with your demanding regulations and standards

  • comply with your documentation obligations without errors

  • make the process audit-proof

  • Manage samples

  • Evaluate key figures

  •   react quickly to events in the workflow (this even macro controlled)

Universal, easily integrated interfaces allow you to connect all measuring devices and the ERP system (certified SAP interface).  

The partner network with the numerous laboratory equipment manufacturers also allows us to offer you the latest configurations and extensions. However, the LIMS software solution from Fink & Partner naturally retains its downward compatibility and thus release capability. This means that your software solution always remains flexibly adapted to your wishes and unique requirements.  

The work of your laboratory personnel is additionally supported by automated tests, the creation of reports, reports, and test certificates as well as individual work instructions. Manual entries and associated errors are reduced to a minimum.

Practical implementation for complex work processes

 With [FP]-LIMS management software, you can optimize your laboratory processes and documentation. Your infrastructure can be optimally managed by communicating with your ERP/PLS system, like resource management. In this way, process and production-related data can be integrated and processed: 

  • Through the central client-server installation

  • Documentation

  • Statistical evaluation of all test orders

  • Measurement equipment capability analyses

  • Web access to your data

  • Digitalization and automation for your Lab 4.0

Your quality management will be realized by [FP]-LIMS following standards and, at the same time, more efficient. The personnel, as well as the high-priced measurement systems and other laboratory equipment, can be used optimally. This way, savings potentials are identified, and quality costs are made transparent. Especially for test order laboratories or laboratories with several locations, the determination of all relevant costs is a crucial task.  

Our software solution will support you easily and quickly in the daily implementation of complex work processes and will be the best LIMS solution for you.

We are the right software solution for your laboratory and work processes!  

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