Upgrade DIA 2000 to Windows 10

Improved & modern features through latest update version

The laboratory software DIA becomes the LIMS software FP-LIMS

You want to transfer your [DIA] software to a modern client or a modern server network? You are forced to replace a Windows XP computer ? Please contact us. We offer a new version for modern systems and can take over your old data and continue to support your connected devices.

At that time you decided for the [DIA] analysis management because you were looking for a powerful analysis database. Even then, we were able to provide you with practical interfaces for your instrumental analysis. Thus, your data was directly entered into the database by the measuring instrument. Online, you also had the possibility to view the data of the individual devices from a distance. Have you ever made a mistake? Thanks to the audit trail, you were able to keep track of all activities.

Where did you get your [DIA] software?

The software [DIA] of the Fink & Partner GmbH was delivered since 2002 under the name “DIA 2000 SE” by the company Spectro with every spark spectrometer. This was usually equipped with the Spark Analyzer software and installed on devices of the “SpectroLAB” or “SpectroMAXx” families.

Since 2003, the software has also been distributed by Bruker Elemental (formerly Quantron Advanced Analytical Systems). It was delivered with instruments of the Magellan family and the QMatrix software.

The [DIA] software was delivered in different versions by both instrument manufacturers: DIA2000, DIA2000SE, [DIA] Basic, [DIA] Light.

The analysis desktop is the linchpin of DIA analysis management. Large buttons allow quick access to the most important and frequently used functions of the software.

The exchange of data between DIA and higher-level ERP or process control systems can be automated using sophisticated filters. Display data collected in Excel? By exporting data to preferred word processing systems, this can be done with a mouse click.

Macros are a particularly popular feature of analysis management. These allow you to create routines and run them automatically. Tasks that were previously performed manually by you are now performed routinely by the system. The output function collects the results.

Your operating system is no longer supported by the operator? Time for the update.

The old operating system on your computer is currently no longer supported by the provider , for example if you use Windows XP. Also, the operating system Windows 7 will be phased out by Microsoft soon.

What does that mean for you?

Old operating systems are no longer updated by updates. This increases the risk for viruses or attacks by hackers. If you want your data to always be secure and up to date, we recommend that you always work with modern operating systems.

That applies to you?

The hardware that you use for [DIA] also needs an update? We have good news for you…

Not only Microsoft, but we at Fink & Partner always keep our software up to date with technology, user-friendliness and data protection. This means for you that we now offer the FP-LIMS system as the next evolutionary step of [DIA]. FP-LIMS is the new Laboratory Information and Management System from Fink & Partner.

What a new version offers?

A new installation or migration of the old software to modern operating systems (Windows 7 or Windows 10) is not possible / incompatibility. With FP-LIMS a new version of the software is available, which covers the function range of [DIA], extends and runs with modern techniques on current operating systems.

  • Modern technology
  • Extended range of functions
  • Windows 10 support
  • Connection to old devices from Spectro and Bruker, as well as new devices such as the SpectroLAB type M12

Besides the well-known interfaces, which you are used to from the [DIA] solution, we offer with FP-LIMS further interfaces for your devices. For example, you can now combine your tensile tests or hardness tests in one system in addition to your usual spectral analysis. You will find an overview of the measuring methods here.

What does the extended range of functions offer?

The modular structure of FP-LIMS makes it possible for you to scale the software to the application. This provides you with a highly economical solution with expandable functions.

Module Analysis management

The basic module brings all data to one place. The database provides you with all the information you need. More…

Module Inspection order management

This module is particularly useful for laboratories with different measurement and testing methods. The test order management enables you to easily manage complex test plans. More…

Module Recipe management

In addition, FP-LIMS offers you the management of your recipes. So you have all recipes in one safe place and only visible for authorized persons. More…

Module ERP

Through the ERP module, you can ensure easy communication between the system and other programs. More…

Module Webinterface

Even when on the move, all the information is collected in one place. The web interface gives you quick access to your database. More…

You have devices from several manufacturers?

Since we have been working for many years as a partner of numerous measuring instrument manufacturers , we have expanded our range of manufacturer interfaces.

Also individual solutions are possible. If we have not pre-developed an interface, we can create it quickly.

How should you proceed?

To get the new software contact Fink & Partner. Of course we can transfer the old data of your [DIA] installation into the new system.

What should you prepare before contacting Fink & Partner?

In order to ensure a quick and smooth transition to the new version, we ask you to check certain prerequisites in advance. These are listed below.

The new computer on which the [FP]-LIMS software will be installed must meet the system requirements.

  • OS: Windows 10 (32 or 64 Bit)
  • Processor: 4 Cores, 2,4 GHz+
  • RAM: 4 GB+
  • Hard drive space: 20 GB+

Determination of the current [DIA] version

  • Can be called up in the program with the menu item "Help" - "Info about...".

This is how we successfully transfer the system!

Do the above requirements match your hardware? Do you have the version information ready?

You are welcome to contact us by phone and we will discuss the next steps in live support!

Alternatively you can use the contact form below. Please state your desired date and our support will get in touch with you.

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