FREE LIMS: FP-LIMS free of charge and LTAP license

Are you a research group on a budget that is looking for a LIMS software? Fink & Partner GmbH supports research, for you and with you with the free license LTAP!

As a global provider of LIMS software solutions, Fink & Partner GmbH believes strongly in the power of science to change lives and the world as a whole. As such, we at Fink & Partner GmbH are proud to offer our state of the art LIMS solution – [FP]-LIMS – to all non-profit and educational organizations free of charge, as a Free LIMS version, through our LIMS-Technology Alliance Partnership Program (LTAP).

If you are working on open research in the spirit of free and open-source software, for a nonprofit organization (NPO), your project is nonprofit or you are conducting research for a university, college, school or your dissertation or any other nonprofit or educational purpose, you qualify for LTAP / Free LIMS.

Are you wondering whether you qualify for LTAP?

If any of the following applies to you, we would be happy to provide you with [FP]-LIMS license free of charge / a Free LIMS and support you every step of the way (Planning, Installation, Implementation and Service & Support):

  • open research in the spirit of free and open-source software
  • nonprofit organization (NPO)
  • Your project is nonprofit
  • You are conducting research for
    • a university
    • college
    • school
    • your dissertation
  • Any other nonprofit or educational purpose

Apply for a free FP-LIMS license / Free LIMS