Our software solution [FP]-LIMS offers a variety of interfaces. The interfaces of the [FP]-LIMS software are universal and thus ensure easy and fast integration of your measurement and ERP systems in order to design workflows more efficiently and minimize errors. Our software comes with over 100 pre-configured interfaces. The integrated device manager is designed for any number of additional interfaces. Numerous drivers for the instrumental analysis of various instrument manufacturers allow the configuration of any number of serial or even network communication interfaces. This allows the structured merging of analysis data in numerous formats (such as XLS, XML, CSV, and many more) individually, in groups or manually. The communication between server and client takes place via the most common network protocol TCP/IP.

With the stand-alone configuration of the module, a highly economical administration of raw materials, recipes, specifications, and analysis results can already be realized. The module can be operated with interfaces to external raw material databases as well as to ERP/PCS systems. In order to optimize internal processes and procedures, cooperation with other [FP]-LIMS modules is also possible. The extension possibilities for an overall configuration in the area of quality assurance are on the one hand the administration of test or production orders and on the other hand the recording of incoming goods and the writing of certificates.

Interfaces to ERP/PP systems and SAP S/4HANA®

The [FP]-LIMS software also has extensive open interfaces to higher-level ERP/PCS systems. Thus, all core areas of your company can be extended and combined in a holistic approach.

The standard interface (IDI) to ERP systems, such as SAP S/4HANA®, serves the administration of master data as well as the operative processing of inspection or production orders. Orders can thus be easily imported from the ERP or SAP S/4HANA®, checked in the subsystem, and then validated. The results, including observations, recommendations, and specifically documented corrections, are automatically reported back to the higher-level ERP or SAP S/4HANA® at the end of the audit. Subsequently, the usage decisions of the inspection lots, for example, can be processed centrally.

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Extensibility of interfaces

Thanks to our strong partnerships with major laboratory equipment manufacturers and our more than 25 years of experience, we can draw on a wide range of expertise. This enables us to always guarantee the best possible connection of your analytical instruments to the [FP]-LIMS software. In addition, no measuring device for the LIMS software from Fink und Partner is too “exotic”. If a suitable interface is not already configured, we will find a suitable solution for your problem or device. You must expect a maximum integration time of about two days. Talk to us!

[FP]-LIMS web interface as an interface for information retrieval

The browser interface module uses network protocols for communication via the browser on the work PC and thus provides an interface for querying information from the [FP]-LIMS database. These interfaces will be further developed together with the [FP]-LIMS web interface and will soon be available for use by the [FP]-LIMS software. In addition, it will be possible in the future to develop customized applications for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is also conceivable to forward requests from other programs via documented, open interfaces.

The superiority of [FP]-LIMS Software

Since the [FP]-LIMS software is a mature and proven LIMS, it is superior to an  SAP S/4HANA® with add-on solution in many respects. Due to the numerous interfaces, the individual laboratory processes can be mapped in a highly flexible manner. The connection of even exotic measuring instruments is easily possible thanks to our many years of expertise and partnerships. The cross-order evaluation becomes child’s play by means of powerful statistical functions. Another major advantage is the high availability of the autonomous subsystem. The LIMS is decoupled from the ERP system and can run independently, even if the higher-level system is not available. Laboratory operation and data management are therefore not interrupted by  SAP S/4HANA® during maintenance work, release changes or unavailability. Due to the highly optimized user interface and functionality, which are tailored to the special requirements of your laboratory personnel, we enable smooth and partly automated, highly efficient workflows.

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