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[FP]-LIMS Light, Standard & Professional

Learn more about the properties and features of the different versions.

Light standardProfessional
Price of the respective version€1,250€2,750€5,750
Analysis desktop
Speedbuttons (quick start of frequently used functions)
Selection list for data inventory, filter, view
Configurable views for analysis tables
Unlimited number of characteristics, identification fields, and filters
Coloured display of quality violations
Filters and data selection
Analysis filters (create, edit, copy, etc.)
Dynamic date/time range of the filter
Apply to all analytics views and outputs
Automatic selection of the view when selecting the filter
Contextual filters
Filter tree can be configured according to the user (shown/faded out)
Analysis Editing
Analysis detail view (configurable per analysis method)
Editing function for analysis
Plausibility for identification fields
Set Analysis Status (Release)
Set advanced analysis status
Merge analyses (merge)
Quick entry
Assignment / assignment of documents
configurable formats
Analysis table formats
Analysis detail formats
Analysis Report Formats
Print formats
SPC Formats
Testimony formats
Import formats
Evaluation and documentation
Numeric statistics (number, sum, mean, abs./rel. Std Abw., Min, Max, Wingspan)
Standard print routines
Excel export (filtered or selected analyses)
Export for Microsoft Office applications (table top & word processing, requires this software package)
SPC control charts (history charts, histograms, correlation, X, S, R, IR maps)
Create testimonials with bookmarks (for single /multiple analyses)
Editing testimonials (attaching analyses, printing, etc.)
Export to ASCII format
Automatic export after import or modification of an analysis (ASCII, [FP]-LIMS database)
Qualities / Features
Set up and edit qualities
Freely definable colours for displaying quality violations
Accuracy for value limits
Quality groups
Formulas as quality limits
Quality identification
Comparison with central database possible (e.g. leading ERP system)
Quality relations
Quality additional fields
Base tables, managing:
Identification fields
Conversion factors
Dynamic decimal places
Addresses for writing certificates
Formulas for Characteristics
Ident/Element Alias
Additional fields for display formats, qualities, quality details and quality monitoring
Devices for averaging
Archive & Track
archive function, database manager
Audit Trail Function for Analysis
Change log for formats (analysis tables, export, import, etc.)
System log
Automated processes
Depositing recurring processes in macros
Jobs for automatic event or timed macro execution
Users & Rights
User accounts and user groups
Access permissions (view/edit)
Rights groups
User objects (authorization matrix for filters, views, etc.)
Registrations (password rules)
Communication & Device Interfaces
Device manager for any number of interfaces
Device drivers for different manufacturers
Module for communication over TCP/IP
Merging analyses (merge: individual, group-by-group, manual)
Other features
Capture masks
Quality Cotroll Log
Service contract
Upgrade Possibilities
Extension of licenses
Audit order management
Recipe management
Interface to SAP or other ERP providers

The amount of the total expenses for services depends on the selected version, as well as on the possible conclusion of a service contract. We will be happy to make you a first offer.

Interest aroused?A few steps to install your LIMS software:

  • Contact: We will find your correct version
  • Preparation of quotations: Individual and non-binding
  • Start of a DEMO version / ” Project-Installation”, possible
  • BUY , MIETE , MIET or HOSTING We find a solution, just contact us.
  • Migration of possible legacy data from previous versions
  • Instrument connection or interface configuration
  • Training and handover of the installation
  • Support by personal contact persons and by support / hotline (email or telephone)

Your contact person

Philip Mörke - Geschäftsführung - Norderstedt / Goch

Philip Mörke

Managing Director Sales

Phone: +49 (0) 2823 41 998 – 12

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