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LIMS Consulting

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What you should know about our support level

We support more than 6000 installations worldwide with an efficient remote maintenance concept. We accompany you continuously and in close cooperation on your way to success and beyond. Direct, solution-oriented, and fast communication – that is what makes our competent support so unique. Your trust in us and your absolute satisfaction with our product is our top priority.

Thanks to the outstanding expertise of our team, Fink & Partner can always guarantee you the best possible support and comprehensive advice. Besides, we also provide extensive help in project management and accompany you through all project phases.

We are always by your side for all questions and problems. Check it out yourself!

How does our service-system work?

The service provided by our company goes beyond mere consulting and software installations. We accompany and support you competently in all project phases, from the very first step. We ensure a smooth installation and seamless integration into your system environment.

Appropriate interfaces are preconfigured and can be individually extended if required. Interfaces and settings can be adapted precisely to your requirements. It can be further optimized according to your wishes at a later date. An introductory training course provides your employees with the necessary knowledge to work successfully with the program.

Our team and your personal contact are also available at any time after the successful commissioning of the [FP]-LIMS software. Changes in the system, application questions, interfaces for new measuring, and testing devices are no problem for our experts. The [FP]-LIMS software can be easily extended with additional modules and adapted by quick configuration according to your needs.

Technical support needed? We guarantee you the most efficient solution for your business requirements.

  • individual contact person
  • individual consulting on-site or via live/remote support
  • the modular structure allows natural extension of the [FP]-LIMS software
  • efficient distant maintenance concept for worldwide help
  • many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge

Do you need live/remote technical support?

We offer our customers the opportunity to receive phone support from our team. That’s why we will provide a remote maintenance connection to your system. Get fast and uncomplicated solutions for product and technical questions!

After downloading the client, all you need is a connection code, which will be given to you over the phone by our support team.

Download and Portal Area

Here you will find your current downloads provided for you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about [FP]-LIMS and our DIA-versions such as DIA2000, DIA2000SE, [DIA] Basic, [DIA] Light

You can access our manual in various ways.

  1. In our software and web programs, you can call up a context-sensitive manual by pressing the “F1” key. (This function is not available in Windows XP)
  2. In the program and on Web, the PDF can be opened via the menu item “Show help” of the category “Help”. You have to configure the path to the manual in the system setup under “General System Fields”.
  3. You can also find the PDFs in the “Manuals” directory of your software or Web installation.
  4. If you cannot find a solution to your problem in our manual, please contact support.

First, report the problem to your IT department. The IT department will then check whether all [FP]-LIMS or DIA-version services are working. If all services are running correctly, open the services log (DIA-JS000.log). Any errors that may have occurred are documented in the record. If no solution to the problem is known, please contact support.

You can find out the version of your software installation by calling the menu item “About…” of the category “Help”. With a maintenance contract, you can open the menu item “Release Notes” in the portal and read all changes up to the current version. If you do not have a maintenance contract, please contact support for information on an update.

If you need to print, you have to set a default printer. You can set the default printer in the Windows Control Panel under “Devices and Printers”. The Qualities dialog also requires a default printer to open and can, therefore, be used for testing.

Just select the menu item “Analysis Table Formats” in the “Formats” category. Select the desired format and enter the desired sorting sequence in the “Sorting” column. You can use the detail with sorting one for sorting. The detail with sorting two will be applied afterword, and so on. In the column “Sorting falling” you can also decide whether the detail should be sorted falling (Z > A/ 9 > 0) or rising (A > Z/ 0 > 9). Save your changes and switch to the desired format in the overview. If you have already selected the changed format, switch to another format and back to update the view.

As a rule, the reason for this lies in the cache of the browser used. Empty the browser cache and restart the browser. If the problem persists, please contact support.

If only one image appears at startup instead of a sequence of images indicating loading, the Web components have not been loaded. Please contact your IT to solve the problem. In our Web installation there is a folder “ext-4-2-1” under “resources/lib”. If this folder does not exist or does not contain any files, look for an “ext-4-2-1.zip” in the directory. If the problem still persists, please contact support.

If the type is not available, a database entry is missing. Please contact your IT to add the entry manually. The corresponding SQL statement is: “INSERT INTO [dia].[dia].PLAUSIBILITY VALUES (N’BATCH_TYP’, N’EX’, Execute N’Batch’, Execute N’Batch’)” If you cannot enter entries in the database manually, or the problem still exists, please contact support.

The error only occurs with the Windows XP operating system. This operating system is no longer supported by our 2.5 version and may cause random errors during operation. We recommend switching to a current operating system.

The log of the software-program and its services is usually located in the temporary files directory. However, you can change the path for the log files and the depth and lifetime of the log in the Terminal Setup menu of the Configuration category under the registration window.

Please check the print spooler service. This must be activated.

If this message appears, the service account for the [FP]-LIMS service is used to log in to the server. We recommend a separate user account for the service, which does not allow logging in.

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Frank Scharf - Fink & Partner - FP LIMS

Frank Scharf


Phone: +49 (0) 2823 41 998 – 16

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