Air quality testing LIMS: upgrade the workflows in your lab with LIMS software

LIMS software for air quality and aeraulic green technologies

Why LIMS for air quality testing?

Air quality testing plays a crucial role nowadays. In fact, we can devise this application area in three minor industries, such as indoor air quality monitors, outdoor air quality testing, and industrial air quality testing. They have a rising influence on human beings about health problems such as lung cancer and allergic reactions and natural global warming and pollution. Air quality monitoring belongs to modern environmental technologies, together with water quality testing – industries dealing every day with a considerable amount of incoming data from the measurement devices and sample collection. Air qualities should be tested to provide air purification due to the increasing pollution of factories, vehicle emissions, farming chemicals, smoking, and deforestation.

LIMS software for green technologies is one of the new upcoming IoT solutions for data and sample collection, merging, analysis, archiving, and complete laboratory management.

Air pollution is one of the most variegate areas that need its air qualities tested. For example, air pollution can be checked in many other industries such as the chemical, testing labs, automotive, manufacturing, coating, metals, food and beverage, natural gas production, paint, refining, and even pharmaceutical industries.

FP-LIMS for green technologies: a quick and efficient path to air quality testing in your lab!

Those industries imply complex lab workflows and analyses that need to be supported by the right laboratory software to be efficient and successful. Air quality testing implies a vast amount of data, many samples, and complex laboratory workflows that need to be managed. [FP]-LIMS is the flexible LIMS software solution developed by Fink & Partner GmbH with the scope to fulfill all these requirements and a lot more.

[FP]-LIMS belongs to the LIMS technologies, is an acronym for “Laboratory Information Management System”, and concerns an IT solution for lab, data, and samples management. [FP]-LIMS is cross-industrial and is designed to be compatible with various measurement devices for many measurement methods.

Thanks to its sophisticated software architecture, [FP]-LIMS is customizable and flexible and is able to adapt to the most specific needs by upgrading quality management processes.

Furthermore, [FP]-LIMS communicates with upper-level systems such as ERP and SAP and has the certified interface integration with SAP S/4HANA®.

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Methods to measure air quality:

Devices’ manufacturers for air quality testing:

There are many solutions concerning the manufacturing of measurement devices for air quality testing on the international market. As we already mentioned, [FP]-LIMS is compatible with many measurement devices and can connect them with each other even if they are not produced by the same manufacturer. The overview below contains just a small selection of them:

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Modules for air quality testing industry

  • Analysis management
  • Webinterface
  • Input dialog
  • Quality inspection / Inspection planning

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