Cement LIMS: practical laboratory software for your data quality

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Why does LIMS play a crucial role for your cement factory and in this industry?

The cement industry today has a rising demand for data quality and laboratory processes. Cement specialists and lab technicians deal with many measurement data every day, which needs to be evaluated, archived, and analyzed.

These days, accurate analyses are the basis of quality standards.

Which IT solution is still mostly used today? MS Excel is still frequently applied in laboratories nowadays. However, this program has reached its limits and is often no longer able to meet these requirements, as manual input implies errors.

What are the current solutions to this problem? The modern IT landscape offers a large number of new technologies. One of the market leaders is LIMS software. LIMS is an acronym that means “Laboratory Information Management System”.

As a practical extension to the laboratory, LIMS can support quality management processes and manage your data, analysis, and samples.

Cement is an inorganic and non-metallic building material produced by natural raw materials (limestone and clay) with chemical processes in a cement factory. Cement factories, therefore, work with a large amount of laboratory data and samples, which are also essential for various certifications.

Incoming goods, outgoing goods, production, metrology, testing technology, and auditing are also fundamental needs of the cement industry. For this reason, Fink & Partner GmbH has developed an innovative, reliable, and flexible solution for the laboratory, [FP]-LIMS, and before that [DIA] Analysis Management. Follow our boxes and learn more!

Measurement methods and instruments in the cement industry in connection with FP-LIMS

Cement factories consider a versatile working environment and therefore need careful laboratory processes and reliable support.

As mentioned above, many measurement methods are performed in cement factories, and therefore, many measurement devices are used. The overview below shows some measurement methods that can be used by the LIMS system:

[FP]-LIMS offers open interfaces to the following measuring instrument manufacturers in the cement field:

Let the sophisticated module-based structure of FP-LIMS convince you!

[FP]-LIMS, the LIMS software solution from Fink & Partner GmbH in Goch, Germany, has a highly developed module-based structure so that you can conveniently manage the analyses. Corresponding modules for the cement industry are analysis management, web access, input dialog, and test order and ensure fast integration into your processes. Thus [FP]-LIMS can support, optimize and further develop your quality management processes in the cement industry.

[FP]-LIMS is cross-industry and flexible. Why? Thanks to its module-based structure and open interface to numerous measuring instruments from well-known manufacturers, [FP]-LIMS can be adapted to customer-specific laboratory processes.

Moreover, [FP]-LIMS enables the so-called machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, as it is able to connect all measuring devices in your lab and send the usage decision to ERP. Since 2020, [FP]-LIMS supported certified communication (and therefore has the corresponding interface!) with the higher-level and digitalized ERP system SAP S/4HANA® for automation and provision of data according to predefined rules.

Crucial modules for the cement industry: modular architecture of FP-LIMS

  • Analysis management
  • Web access
  • Input dialog
  • Quality inspection / Inspection planning
  • FP-LIMS Software LOGO

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Why FP-LIMS for your cement factory?

Fink & Partner has many years of experience and knows the requirements of the industry. We are aware that laboratories have different needs, so we offer three editions: Light Edition for single users, Standard Edition for small and medium lab teams, and Professional for large companies with special requirements.

More information about FP-LIMS in the cement industry

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