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Individual software concepts for the chemical industry from Fink & Partner

The chemical industry is known as an industry in which hazardous substances are often used. For this reason, the correct handling of such substances is particularly important in the chemical industry. Chemistry is not only dangerous, but it can also be very useful.

Companies in these sector produce products for the food industry, are active in the plastics segment or supply the automotive and electronics industries. The chemical industry, therefore, uses many different substances, which can be inorganic, synthetic or organic. Many products consist of mixtures of these different components. Two central tasks of the chemical industry can also be identified from this. These are the control of incoming raw materials and the monitoring of the correct components in production. Since many raw materials for the chemical industry originate from nature, there are frequent fluctuations in composition. For this reason, many companies carry out incoming inspections. The purity, composition and also the temperature or density are checked.

Sensory information also plays an important role in the production. Viscosity, temperature or melting point are some examples that are controlled during production. Spectral analyses, moisture measurements or grain size determinations are also part of everyday life in many chemical companies. In addition, recipes must be managed and precisely implemented in production. Here, too, different measurements are carried out, which in turn provide numerous data. Fink & Partner is specialized in providing software solutions for industry. There is also software for companies in the chemical industry that is designed to manage the data generated.

LIMS for the chemical industry from Fink & Partner

Laboratory information and management systems have proven themselves in all environments in which a large amount of different data is constantly generated. Such a LIMS is also used by F&P to offer companies in the chemical industry a versatile and practical concept. One advantage of this approach is the central database. It collects and manages all data from external sources. Such information can be imported automatically via digital interfaces or entered manually. For this purpose, F&P’s Laboratory Information and Management System is compatible with numerous analysis and control devices from different manufacturers. Among other things, it is possible to directly read in measurement data from devices from manufacturers such as Agilent, Spectro or Thermo Fisher.

The system also allows such processes to be completely automated. This saves time and provides real-time data at the same time. Thanks to this feature, the system can also be used to control production directly. Measurement and control values can be displayed directly, allowing immediate intervention in the event of deviations. Alternatively, the system allows defined limit values to be monitored and an alarm to be triggered if they are exceeded or not reached.

Software for quality management in the chemical industry

F&P’s laboratory information and management system are also suitable for supporting or carrying out quality controls within the company. Data export, for example, makes it possible to make all information from the database available to external IT systems. This can be ERP systems or existing control programs. The module for test order management allows individual process flows to be defined for individual processes. This enables both the administration of samples and the orderly processing of individual orders. Compositions and workflows are stored with the recipe management module. In this way, quality standards are established and continuously monitored.

Fink & Partner – in cooperation with industry

F&P has been familiar with the development and integration of software systems for the industry for many years. Through close cooperation with industrial companies, the wealth of experience has grown, so that F&P is very familiar with the needs and requirements of the industry. LIMS from F&P is also used in numerous companies in the chemical industry. In practical use, the systems prove to be resilient and useful on a daily basis.

As a company active in the chemical industry, do you want to keep a constant eye on your quality and improve your processes?

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