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FP-LIMS for the engineer and mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering technology is a very diversified branch of industry. It combines manual engineering activities and individual production with automatic processes and industrial mass production. Technical products manufactured by companies in this industry can be tiny or huge.

Miniaturization and nanotechnology play a role in this industry, as does the construction of machines and engines of exceptional size. Automation and digitization also play a central role in the modern mechanical engineering industry. These mechanisms are designed to reduce production costs, optimize production and, last but not least, improve quality. In order to achieve these goals, the use of the software is necessary. This must be adapted to the special requirements of the mechanical engineering industry. Fink & Partner has decades of experience in the field of software development for mechanical engineering.

LIMS – the solution for data processing in the mechanical engineering industry

In the mechanical engineering technology segment, there is a wide variety of data and information that needs to be processed. This starts with the receipt of the goods. Raw materials, materials and individual parts that are required in production must be entered in different ways. Not only the quantity and the location of the storage need to be cataloged, but also various analytical data. These can be purity measurements, hardness tests, and similar tests. Data of the same type is also generated during production. Permanent tests of hardness, composition, and density, as well as spectral analyses or tensile tests, provide continuous data. Testing and analysis mechanisms in the final inspection provide additional data. These include, for example, quality controls to ensure a uniform and high standard of the products.

Fink & Partner offers a comprehensive laboratory information and management system, LIMS, which manages all these data. This type of software is capable of receiving a wide variety of data directly from measurement and control systems. Among others, the LIMS is compatible with Bruker Q4 Tasman, Bruker Magellan and Spectro SpectrOil M measuring instruments. The measured data is transferred directly to the software via the interfaces. In the mechanical engineering industry, there is a multitude of measurement data that are permanently monitored. This starts with the incoming goods department. Here, raw materials such as metals or oils are checked for their composition and properties. Many measured values are also recorded in production. These can be geometric data, such as depth or length measurements, but also quality controls, such as compression and tension measurements, are carried out in many companies.

An overview of our references

  • Bergmann Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
  • MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH

The central element of the system is the database. All data is stored here and is available for further use. This is where the numerous modules found in the laboratory information and management system are used. For example, it is possible to set up a limit value monitoring system. Such automation makes it possible to immediately detect deviations or errors detected by sensors. The system can alert the relevant persons in different ways, e.g. via e-mail or by means of a message directly at the workplace.

In addition, the laboratory information and management system from Fink & Partner integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. The collected information can be easily exported using the ERP interface. In this way, it is possible to use the information in other ERP systems. Thanks to these features, integration into company structures are possible at any time.

Fink & Partner – in cooperation with industry for 25 years

Fink & Partner has been active in the field of software development for industrial companies for many years. For this reason, Fink & Partner can draw on a wealth of experience and knows the requirements of the mechanical engineering industry and mechanical engineering technology very well. The laboratory information and management system has therefore been developed with practical relevance and integrates itself intuitively into the everyday life of companies in the mechanical engineering sector. The aim of the system is to automate processes in mechanical engineering and save time. Through the exact and continuous data acquisition, it is also possible to establish high-quality standards in production and goods control.

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