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FP-LIMS foundry with optimum quality control

The largest share of castings comes from German foundry production. Around 80,000 people are employed throughout the country. The foundry as an industry is an important economic sector. High-quality standards are the top priority. With an experienced partner like Fink & Partner, the right LIMS ensures the right quality at all times.

Precision and care are decisive for the quality within a foundry. As an early stage in the economic value chain, the companies assume an important supplier function. They serve numerous markets, both within a region and on the world market. The customer base for precision castings mainly includes medical technology, the chemical industry, and the steel industry. Car manufacturers and numerous production facilities rely on the quality of the cast products. This trust gives rise to great responsibility. To live up to this responsibility, you need the right partner at your side. In this way, you receive the right software for the laboratory to be able to log, test, and analyze all processes within the industry.

Quality assurance within the foundry industry

Fink & Partner is regarded as an experienced competence partner in the industry. The company has been developing laboratory software for over 25 years. LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software) accompanies laboratories through all system processes. The software has proven itself in the areas of incoming and outgoing goods, the production chain, and data security. It is suitable for the entire process chain within a laboratory. Fink & Partner’s software competently imports and exports metrological data. Fink & Partner has more than 4000 installations around the globe. Regardless of which system you use, Fink & Partner connects the respective measurement instrument to the software and helps you to achieve a coherent system.

Due to a multitude of existing interfaces, we can offer you an uncomplicated installation. If you are using devices that we have not had to deal with before, all you need is a new interface configuration. Such a setting can be created within a short time. You are wondering whether this also applies to your devices?

An overview of our references

  • AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke
  • Buderus Guss GmbH
  • Franken Guss Kitzingen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Georg Fischer GmbH
  • Luitpoldhütte AG
  • Marienhütte Stahl- & Walzwerk GmbH
  • MAT Foundries Europe GmbH
  • Siempelkamp Giesserei GmbH
  • Rexroth Guss GmbH
  • ZF Gusstechnologie GmbH
  • Düker GmbH & Co KGaA

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Measurement methods for quality assurance in the foundry industry
In order for the quality to be right, several test procedures are necessary. Companies in the industry primarily use the following measurement procedures

as common measurement methods to ensure a certain quality standard. The types of testing are more important than production. Goods receipt and final inspection are further important areas of the foundry that require care and precision. Quality assurance with complex test procedures also includes the appropriate equipment.

Common measurement instruments of well-known equipment manufacturers in the foundry industry are, for example:

With [FP]-LIMS, Fink & Partner has access to several modules so that you can conveniently manage the analyses without having to search. The modules used, which include analysis management, web access, input dialog, and test order, provide individual interfaces. This allows data to be entered manually and entered into the [FP]-LIMS software solution. Quality assurance can thus be transferred to a higher level, which executes functions automatically or manually – as required.

Quality assurance through know-how

Fink & Partner is also a competent partner for quality assurance in the industry. The many years of experience of our employees have made the company an important partner with know-how in the foundry industry. This is also confirmed by previous customer references.

The development by Fink & Partner makes it possible to obtain high-quality software for the laboratory. Companies receive an automatic testing system that monitors the process chain from incoming goods to final inspection and, if necessary, evaluates it manually.

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