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Foundry LIMS: Data transparency and high-quality laboratory processes

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Why does LIMS play a crucial role in a foundry and in this application field?

Today, foundry specialists and lab technicians feel a growing demand for data transparency and data visualization. Data transparency is also a synonym of reliability and quality. However, this requirement cannot always be fulfilled by using MS Excel. Entering data by hand often implies errors that might question a laboratory’s quality standards and processes.

One of the current solutions towards the upcoming standards and requirements of a foundry is LIMS software. The Laboratory Information Management System is an IT solution for collecting, processing, managing, and evaluating all data generated in the laboratory. For this reason, such a software solution is a practical and reliable extension to the laboratory towards a careful and accurate data presentation, processing, and archiving.

Foundries today have different parameters and procedures and require not just high-quality but also data transparency. Therefore, foundry masters have to deal with a lot of data. Did you actually know that you can automatically import the measurement data from many measuring devices? Functioning measuring instruments and your measuring methods play a crucial role in the quality processes of the laboratory. Foundry processes consist of thousands of material, condition, and process parameters influenced by external factors, so precision and care are crucial for quality within a foundry.

Fink & Partner GmbH from Goch, Germany, has been developing software solutions since 1992 and has grown up with technical software support for Spectro OES devices. We look back on a long history and experience in the foundry industry. The well-known industry solutions are called [FP]-LIMS, and before that [DIA] Analysis Management. These two software solutions support laboratories in the foundry environment worldwide.

What are the measurement methods supported by LIMS in a foundry?

LIMS is a flexible and reliable software solution that supports different measurement procedures/methods. As we have already mentioned, foundries nowadays have a lot of data and parameters. Furthermore, quality also plays an essential role in laboratory processes, so several test procedures are necessary. Follow the selection below to find your measurement methods:

Which measurement instruments are compatible with [FP]-LIMS?

[FP]-LIMS is compatible with numerous measuring instruments from well-known manufacturers in the foundry industry. These are, for example:

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Why is FP-LIMS a flexible software solution?

The strength of [FP]-LIMS is its modules and interfaces. With [FP]-LIMS, Fink & Partner developed several modules so that you can conveniently manage the analyses without searching. The modules used, including analysis management and web access, input dialogue, and test order, ensure rapid integration into your processes. You will immediately feel at ease with the menu navigation and the design of the software. This means that data can also be entered manually and entered into the [FP]-LIMS software solution.

Quality assurance can thus be transferred to a higher level that performs functions automatically or manually.

Why is [FP]-LIMS a flexible software solution? In addition to its sophisticated modular structure, [FP]-LIMS is not only compatible with many measuring instruments, but it is also able to interconnect all the measuring instruments in your laboratory under the concept of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. In a laboratory, measuring devices should interact with each other to help lab technicians save their time and optimize their quality management processes. [FP]-LIMS enables the communication between devices and optimizes internal workflows. Since 2020, [FP]-LIMS has the certified interface to the digitalized next-business-generation system SAP S/4HANA® to automate and provide data according to pre-configured rules.

Modules for the foundry industry

  • Analysis management
  • Web access
  • Input dialog
  • Quality inspection order
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The strength of FP-LIMS

[FP]-LIMS can be adapted to the needs of different laboratories, which is why Fink & Partner offers three editions: Light Edition for single users, Standard Edition for small and medium-sized teams, and Professional for large teams with special requirements.

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