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Metal trade and recycling of scrap metals

Metal trade and recycling supported by FP-LIMS

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The metal trade industry: do you need precise measurement data?

Metal trade is a very many-sided industry. There are just not only many different types of metals, but many companies also specialize in specific tasks such as scrap recycling and utilization. In fact, a metal tradesman can commerce in pure raw materials or set up a recycling company.

Some companies are affirmed as suppliers for specific branches of industry, such as the automotive or mechanical engineering. In this sector, there are companies for the trade of fine metals. Hereabouts precious metals are traded in smaller quantities. Nevertheless, there are similarities between the different companies in the metal trading sector. Above all, it is a matter of controlling the metals. For further processing, it is essential to know precisely which metal you are dealing with. The composition of combinations and the precise determination of purity also play an indispensable role. Tin bronzes are a good example too. The properties of alloys change rapidly, depending on how precisely they are composed. To obtain accurate data on the composition and purity of metals, companies in this sector use precise measuring methods. For example, atomic emission spectrometers or X-ray fluorescence analysis are used in this area.

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A LIMS as a solution for data management in the metal trade industry

LIMS means Laboratory Information and Management System. Such computer programs are designed to process, visualize, and archive a large amount of data. In the metal trade, such a system makes a difference in many areas. This begins with the receipt of goods and the corresponding supervisions. Many of these metal analyses are automated. Control and measurement systems permanently supply data that are important in the further course of storage or processing. The LIMS by Fink & Partner can receive this data directly from various measuring sensors. Interfaces are therefore available, and they are adapted to the measurement instruments of the specific application field. Among others, the system is compatible with devices from Bruker, Spectro, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, and Zwick. This makes it possible to import data from the Spectro SPECTROMAXx or the Bruker Q4 Tasman, for example, directly and without manual effort.

There are also many different control procedures in the final inspection. Here, for example, tensile or hardness tests are performed. This data can also be automatically transferred to the system. The read-out data can not only be archived, but it can also be directly graphically processed and displayed with the SPC monitor. This facilitates control, especially in automated production. It is also possible to configure the Fink & Partner system in such a way that it triggers an alarm if specific measured values are exceeded or not reached. In this way, a quick reaction to deviations is possible. The system also offers essential functions for the production and further processing of metals. In the module for recipe management, for example, information on alloys or work instructions can be stored. In this way, quality standards can be established, and mixing ratios for alloys can be saved.

Furthermore, the laboratory information and management system from Fink & Partner is compatible with external programs already in use in the company. The Connect module links the system to other applications, such as ERP software. This interface can then be used to export data from the laboratory information and management system to other programs. This feature makes it easy to integrate the system into a company’s existing IT infrastructure at any time.

Individualistic software for the metal trade sector

Fink & Partner supplies customized software for the metal trading industry. For many years, Fink & Partner has been working closely with companies in this industry. Through this cooperation, Fink & Partner has a wealth of experience and knows the needs of this industry very well. Software specially adapted to the requirements of the industry is currently in use at many companies. Some of the companies that use Fink & Partner systems are Becker Stahl-Service GmbH, Berzelius Metall GmbH, or BSB Braubach.

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