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Non-ferrous metals industrial production

Non ferrous metals and FP-LIMS: precise and reliable results

Due to the complexity of the most various test requirements, the production of non-ferrous metals represents a singular challenge for computer-aided quality management systems. By definition, non-ferrous metals are all metals except for iron, such as aluminum, copper, titanium, or zinc, as well as metal alloys with a proportion of less than 50% pure iron, such as brass, bronze, or precious metal alloys.

The fields of application for non-ferrous metals are as varied as the material properties. Non-ferrous metals are used in the aviation industry as well as in the construction industry, the electrical industry, in the manufacture of motors and gears, in the production of jewelry, in corrosion protection, in the manufacture of cast parts or containers for the food industry, in lightweight construction and many other areas. However, different the fields of application and the requirements for the produced parts may be, they all have the highest demands on quality in common.

Individualistic software solution for a wide range of applications

The possible areas of application for the LIMS software are numerous. To comply with the high-quality criteria for certification of the company, the test chain usually begins with the receipt of goods. Here, delivered parts or materials are registered and subjected to incoming inspection. Numerous further steps follow in the course of production: among other things, test orders have to be created and the scope of the tests defined, samples taken and documented, result data recorded and managed, test results forwarded and evaluated if necessary, reports generated and the data finally archived. This means that seamless quality assurance is becoming more and more indispensable right up to goods issue.

Fink & Partner supports the most specific needs thanks to its modular software. Depending on the requirements profile, an individualistic software solution can be put together from the modules: job server, analysis administration, recipe administration, test order administration, evaluation, and monitoring tools, web interface, input dialogue, and interfaces to in-house ERP and measuring systems. In fact, this can sustain the product through the entire production cycle.

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An overview of our references

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Supported measurement methods and device manufacturers

The software supports both methods for analyzing the exact composition of a material and test methods for determining the respective material properties. This includes mainly:

Chemical analysis methods

  • Optical emission spectrometry (OES) is used, among other things, where high long-term stability and reproducibility are required for large measurement series.
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) guarantees high accuracy in the study of the chemical composition, especially for non-ferrous metals.
  • Spectral analysis is mainly used in incoming material control and outgoing material control to avoid material mix-ups.

Mechanical test methods

  • Tensile test to determine the physical characteristics of a material such as yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation at break.
  • Hardness test to determine the hardness of a material.

The measurement data can be transferred directly from the analysis and testing devices via appropriate interfaces. In addition to input masks for the manual recording of test results, automated interfaces are also available for the transfer of measurement data. Devices from all leading manufacturers such as Spectro, Thermo Fisher ARL, Bruker, Leco, Quantron, Zwick, Varian, and PANalytical are compatible with [FP]-LIMS.

Supported devices are among others:

  • Bruker Q4 Tasman
  • Bruker Magellan
  • Spectro SPECTROMAXx
  • Spectro Spectrolab
  • Hitachi Foundry Master
  • Thermo Fisher ARL Devices
  • Zwick devices via test experts
  • and many more.

An experience that benefits our customers directly

Fink & Partner has more than 25 years of experience in working with customers from the non-ferrous metal industry. Our customer base includes well-known companies.

The know-how acquired in cooperation with our customers is directly incorporated into the continuous further development of our LIMS modules. New industrial requirements are continuously implemented in tailor-made software. Through close collaboration with manufacturers of laboratory equipment, the integration of all universal measuring and testing equipment is possible without any problems. Our solutions, which are specially tailored to the industry, convince through optimized processes, and ensure consistent quality.

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