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Recycling and environmentally conscious waste disposal

Efficient waste disposal with FP-LIMS

Recycling is currently experiencing great upswing. There is a strong competition among the waste and waste disposal companies. There are very high recycling rates especially in the area of household waste. It is interesting to note that about two-thirds of the generated waste has been fully recycled so far. But this is not the end of the story: the aspects of climate change, as well as the reduction of CO2, lead to an environmentally conscious and responsible challenge. There is still enormous growth potential.

There are currently around 3,000 recycling companies in Germany. Due to the high recycling values, there are sometimes bottlenecks in waste incineration. It is therefore essential that companies can only remain on the market in the long term if they create competitive advantages through modern technology and well-structured work processes. The LIMS solution from Fink & Partner is a great help.

The advantages of the innovative quality management software

LIMS is the acronym for Laboratory Information and Management Systems. The software is developed by Fink & Partner especially for the requirements of the recycling industry. It can be perfectly adapted to any operational situation and offers the operator many advantages. In addition to the actual data acquisition, which also includes goods receipt or goods issue, this system offers many other features in the field of recycling.

Due to their importance, all recycling companies are subject to permanent supervision by local authorities. Regular samples are taken, which check for harmlessness. The operator is obliged to provide such samples at regular intervals and to have them tested in the laboratory. Such samples are registered with the software and compiled in a database. If necessary, each sample can, therefore, be tracked down immediately. A long search for the sample and the corresponding laboratory report is no longer necessary.

An overview of our references

  • Real Alloy Germany GmbH
  • BSB Recycling GmbH
  • Umicore AG
  • Muldenhütten Freiberg

The advantage of raw data acquisition

Should there be any subsequent concerns, it is usually no longer possible to re-examine the course of past samples for new aspects. The advantage of the Fink & Partner system is the following: Our software records raw data. This makes it possible to determine retrospectively when a certain substance was found in samples. This is the case even if the sample is no longer available.

In addition, every disposal or recycling company must prepare detailed documentation. Such documentation records the incoming and outgoing materials. The documentation lists information on the respective material samples and the uses carried out in the plant. In the past, all work involved in recycling materials had to be recorded and documented manually. With the Fink & Partner software system, this work is no longer necessary. The complete workflow is automated here. This offers a great opportunity to save time and money.

Can be combined with many measuring methods

Numerous measuring methods are available in the field of material analysis. Atomic absorption spectrometry is primarily used in the field of hazardous waste. With this measuring method, the material quality and above all the purity can be determined exactly. A well-known manufacturer of these measuring instruments is Spectro.

Spark spectrometry is also used, especially for metallic waste. Hitachi, Bruker, and Spectro Ametek are among the best-known manufacturers of these analytical instruments. In addition, our software is already in use with other manufacturers. The integration of new devices is no problem at all. Non-existent interfaces can usually be developed and made available within a very short time.

In the area of incoming goods, near-infrared spectrometry is used for simplified material separation. With this method, composites and their composition can be precisely determined. Well-known manufacturers of infrared spectrometers are Malvern Panalytical and Microtrac.

X-ray and spectrometry are also used to determine the material. Manufacturers of such instruments are Agilent Technologies, Horiba Scientific and ThermoFisher. The FP-LIMS can be easily combined with measuring instruments from these manufacturers because the interfaces already exist. If you use other analysis methods in your company, these can also be integrated into the software.

Since Fink & Partner maintains close partnerships with many manufacturers of measurement and analysis equipment, the interfaces of the [FP]-LIMS software are perfectly matched to the measurement equipment. The advantage of these close partnerships is that the data of the measuring instruments are directly integrated into the software. Additional conversions are therefore not necessary.

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