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Steel and FP-LIMS: assure your quality in steelworks

The steel industry, with its steelworks in Germany, is the spine of global stainless steel and steel production. Iron and steel are the nuclear material in the metal construction industry. In the ranking of the world’s largest steel producers, Germany is among the top 7, with outstanding steel quality being legendary. Since the steel industry is an essential industry from which many value chains are split off, it is of such enormous importance for the German economy.

As Europe’s leading steel location, German steel companies produce around 42 million tons of crude steel per year. About 30 percent of the value-added generated in the European Union can be directly or indirectly traced back to the steel industry. The demand for high-quality and innovative software is correspondingly high in German steel mills, which sometimes produce around 70 percent of the steel produced. Two-thirds of all steel products in Germany are flat steel, about one third are long steel products. Due to the great importance of the steel industry and its versatile value-added chains, Fink & Partner has made it it is business to offer innovative software solutions for the areas of incoming goods, outgoing goods, production, measurement technology, testing technology, and auditing.

Made in Germany LIMS software as a highly efficient quality monitoring tool

LIMS software solutions primarily deal with data processing within analytical laboratories. Accordingly, such systems are suitable for supporting modern laboratories. The main focus is on the support of workflows dealing with data tracking. Such systems also offer an extremely flexible architecture and allow interfaces to other software solutions – e.g., to ensure data exchange with other systems. As core application areas, the following tasks can be implemented with the help of LIMS:

  • Measurement technology (creation of a measurement string, recording, and storage of measured values obtained by sensors)
  • Control technology (creation of a control line, analytical processing of measurement data and subsequent problem management)

LIMS systems, therefore, offer extensive know-how in the analytical phases of pre-analysis, the direct analysis phase, and the final post-analysis phase.

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An overview of our references

  • Bessey Präzisionsstahl GmbH
  • Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbH
  • Klaus Kuhn Edelstahlgießerei GmbH
  • Saarstahl AG
  • Stahlwerk Bous GmbH
  • voestalpine Böhler Welding
  • voestalpine Stahl

Steel and LIMS: Advantages and direct application areas

In the steel industry, more and more tests are being carried out on incoming materials on the one hand and outgoing goods on the other. A suitable LIMS system can easily cope with the increased documentation effort. This is because it enables the quick and uncomplicated creation of certificates and usage decisions from the corresponding raw data. LIMS systems provide the best possible support and automation for central inspection processing in the steel industry. This reduces, on the one hand, the necessary manual work steps (and thus manpower) and, on the other hand, time and costs and allows better accuracy on the part of the test results. Errors in incoming and outgoing goods, as well as internal quality assurance, can thus be largely excluded. Potential measurement methods that can be used in the steel sector via LIMS systems are, for example, the following:

[FP]-LIMS offers PluginPlay interfaces to the following instrument manufacturers

A small selection of highly efficient measurement technology that is particularly popular in the steel industry:

Our software is already connected to a large number of devices used by our customers. The instruments include Bruker Magellan, Q4 Tasm, Spectro SPECTROMAXx, Hitachi Foundry Master, and many Zwick tools. One advantage of our solution is the many interfaces. Are you afraid you are using an unknown device for [FP]-LIMS? No worries, the configuration will be quickly completed! We usually need one working day. Are you still hesitating to talk to us?

[FP]-LIMS: a LIMS system with modules!

Our software is a modular solution. This brings high economic efficiency and a strong effect in practical use. In the steel industry, our customers particularly like to use analysis management. This is particularly helpful for documentation tasks and daily analyses. Further modules are in use:

We have been working with satisfied customers for more than 25 years – Fink & Partner has always revolutionized the quality management of steel companies in Germany and worldwide. The simple integration and simplification of the work processes are the decisive points for the decision for the [FP]-LIMS.

In this context, Fink & Partner sees itself as first-class, reliable, and competent IT support for LIMS systems and other software solutions. We always respond to the individual conditions on-site and still remain release-ready.

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