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Steel LIMS: Accurate data management and high-quality in your lab

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Why does LIMS play a vital role in a steel mill and in steel production? 

Production in a modern steel mill implies many measurement procedures and workflows, which is why lab technicians and steel experts deal with many measurement results. This laboratory data must therefore be carefully collected, evaluated, managed, and archived.

LIMS systems (laboratory information management system) provide the best possible support and automation for centralized test processing in steel industry companies. LIMS is a flexible and reliable extension to the laboratory, suitable for accurate collecting, processing, managing, and evaluating all the data generated in the laboratory.

On the one hand, this reduces the necessary manual work steps, which saves you time and money, and on the other hand, it allows for better accuracy on the part of the test results. Errors in incoming and outgoing goods and internal quality assurance can thus be largely eliminated.

Due to the great importance of the steel industry in Germany with its many branching value chains, the mass share of iron, Fink & Partner developed an innovative software solution, [FP]-LIMS, and before that [DIA] Analysis Management, for the sub-areas of incoming goods, outgoing goods, production, metrology, testing technology as well as for auditing.

Testing incoming and outgoing materials on the one hand and of outgoing goods and metallic materials on the other: A suitable LIMS system can easily accommodate the increased documentation effort. This is because it enables the fast and uncomplicated creation of certificates and usage decisions from the corresponding raw data.

What are the measurement methods supported by LIMS in the steel industry?

As we have already mentioned, many measurement methods are performed in a steel mill. The overview below shows some measurement methods that can be used in the steel sector by the LIMS system:

[FP]-LIMS offers open interfaces to the following measuring instrument manufacturers in the steel sector:

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The strength of FP-LIMS: Let us convince you!

[FP]-LIMS is a flexible software solution with a highly developed module-based structure that supports and optimizes high-quality laboratory processes. Analysis management, test order management, recipe management, input dialog, and web interface are necessary modules to complement [FP]-LIMS.  Since 2020 [FP]-LIMS supports communication with SAP S/4HANA® and has the certified interface to this higher-level ERP system.

The modular architecture of [FP]-LIMS plays a crucial role in creating careful analysis and workflows. The modular structure brings high efficiency and substantial impact in practical use. In the steel industry, our customers significantly frequently use analysis management. This is particularly helpful for documentation tasks and daily analyses. Further modules are test order, web access, recipe management, an input dialog.

Modules for the steel industry

  • Analysis management
  • Test order / Quality inspectionWeb access
  • Recipe management
  • Input dialog

…and many more!

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Fink & Partner: LIMS experts!

Thanks to our know-how and many years of experience, we have been working with satisfied customers for over 25 years with a deep understanding of their requirements.

Fink & Partner has always revolutionized, supported, and optimized steel companies’ quality management processes in Germany and worldwide. The easy integration and simplification of the work processes are the decisive points for the [FP]-LIMS.

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