Water quality testing LIMS: high-tech laboratory processes

Test your water quality with LIMS lab software to protect the environment!

Water in industrial sectors

Water purification, as well as water reclamation, play a crucial role in various industrial sectors nowadays. In many fields of application, water is used, or better “reused” – due to its preciosity as a natural element for urban, agricultural, environmental, and industrial purposes.

Focusing on industrial and environmental uses, considerable quantities of freshwater can be saved by reusing wastewater. The purpose of treating water is to sustain recycling, reduce environmental pollution, support renewable energies, and improve production.

The industrial uses concern processing and cooling water, recirculating cooling towers, washdown and aggregation, soil compaction, and dust control.

The environmental uses concern stream augmentation, aquifer recharge, wetlands, marshes, supporting wildlife habitat, and silviculture.

LIMS for water quality testing

Ensuring the quality of ongoing production operations has always been a tricky task. This requirement is a must in the water quality testing industry and has to be treated with the right laboratory software solution to improve production and processes. The “water” industry is exceptionally vast and involves many areas of application and measurement methods. This page will concentrate on water quality testing for water purification to improve manufacturing, recycling, and environmental industries through laboratory software support.

This concerns the so-called LIMS systems for data and sample management, tracking, collection, and archiving. [FP]-LIMS is a flexible, customizable, and reliable solution, with open interfaces to lab devices and combinable modules.

For this reason, it can make a difference in your lab workflows, samples, data, and analyses management in this industry.

Why LIMS for water quality testing?

According to the specific focus, this industry involves many measurement methods and requires precision and reliability in the laboratory. Working with MS Excel can sometimes be tricky due to the manual insertion of data and can generate errors and reduce quality.

There are many IT-solutions on the international market to these problems, one of them is LIMS and concerns software for the laboratory.

LIMS means Laboratory Information Management System and is designed to precisely merge laboratory data, track your water samples, and manage the lab workflows.

The German company for software development, Fink & Partner, has been developing solutions to these problems since 1992, and thanks to its know-how in many industries, affirmed its presence on the market first with [DIA] Analysis Management and since 2019, with the new all-in version [FP]-LIMS.

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Measurement methods for water quality testing with FP-LIMS

The water quality testing and water purification industries involve many measurement methods from the application of elemental analysis. A process where a sample of a specific material (for example, waste or drinking water, minerals, chemicals, soil) happens to be analyzed for its elemental and isotopic composition. The elemental analysis also belongs to the field of analytical chemistry. Therefore, [FP]-LIMS is designed to support the following measurement methods in the ambit of water quality testing:

Measurement devices connected to FP-LIMS

Thanks to its open interface, [FP]-LIMS is compatible with many measurement devices you commonly have in your lab. The selection below shows just a few of the compatibility possibilities:

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High-tech lab workflows for water quality testing

[FP]-LIMS is a flexible and reliable solution for the laboratory that is continuously developed according to every industry’s most specific needs and upcoming requirements. Thanks to its open interfaces to various measurement methods and its sophisticated modular structure, [FP]-LIMS is one of the forthcoming IoT-technologies for the right lab management in your water quality testing industry. Also, since 2020, [FP]-LIMS has the certified interface to the digitalized next-business-generation system SAP S/4HANA®.

As we already mentioned, [FP]-LIMS is a customizable and flexible solution. [FP]-LIMS has a sophisticated modular architecture and, therefore, modules that can be combined according to its requirements and needs.

Modules for water quality testing industry

  • Analysis management
  • Web access
  • Input dialog
  • Quality inspection / Inspection planning

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