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OBLF and FP-LIMS for the analysis of metals and alloys

Demanding applications with modern systems

OBLF Gesellschaft für Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik mbH is a developer and producer for the analysis of metals and alloys. The company is represented in over 25 countries and is located in the German city of Witten. OBLF stands for highest quality and is therefore also equipped with the ISO 9001 quality seal. Thus, quality management is seen as a high priority of the company.

OBLF – an innovator in the field of spectrometers for decades

For 40 years OBLF has been active and has been able to provide many innovations in the measuring instrument market and analytical systems’s world over the years. Starting with the spark specrtometer ES 750 in 1974, up to today for example with the inexpensive Multimatrix System MVS 1000. The function is based on semiconductor sensor lines. The modular design allows an extension of the functional possibilities.

OBLF devices are used all over the world. This is due not only to the high quality but also to the sales efforts of the company.

OBLF and Fink & Partner – Strong together

Just like OBLF, we at Fink & Partner stand for uncompromising quality in the laboratory. This is confirmed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification as well as our customer feedback. Together with OBLF equipment, our customers can rely on high-performance quality analyses.

Our interfaces enable the smooth exchange of raw data between device and software. Automated processes in laboratories all over the world make it possible to increase productivity through efficiency. Our software can generate results and certificates based on the raw data generated by the instruments. This is particularly helpful in ensuring quality standards for incoming and outgoing goods.

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