The most different measuring methods can be integrated in the LIMS

An overview of the current measuring methods for FP-LIMS

The Fink & Partner LIMS software, [FP]-LIMS can be used in the most diverse test laboratories for the most diverse tests and analyses.

Samples and the data to be collected are to be mapped individually and not always in predefined tests. Nevertheless, it is important to check, record and evaluate all product-relevant inspection characteristics. Especially in sampling processes a detailed mapping according to defined specifications is decisive. This is why we offer you the possibility of manual, user-friendly data acquisition via input masks or input lists. With the help of [FP]-LIMS, you can save all manual measurements in the LIMS software via an input dialog adapted to your requirements and later display them on the test certificates. This input mask can be used for various values and measurements. Fink & Partner GmbH focuses on a flexible adaptation to your needs.

Whether you work in the test laboratory with calipers, micrometers, lever gauges, gauges, sample assemblies, optical measuring instruments, visual inspections, reference samples or other instruments for quality assurance, the adaptable [FP]-LIMS software can record your results. It does not matter whether you enter a value or a defined term, attributive queries are also possible. Simply define yourself which analyses, tests and parameters with which units, methods and design bases should be examined in your laboratory and mapped in the LIMS software. In your individual [FP]-LIMS laboratory database, you determine which values and parameters are to be displayed in test reports – determination limits, decimal places and significant digits.

Our adaptable LIMS software supports all individual measurements via input dialogs, as well as the integration of analytical instruments. Data is not only synchronized quickly and reliably, but we also support almost any exportable data format. The expert team of Fink & Partner GmbH is at your disposal with years of experience to make your implementation a success.

You don’t find your measuring methods? Our experts can tell you whether your processes are also supported by our solution.