LIMS Video Tutorials: Your fast introduction to the LIMS software

With our LIMS video tutorials, we provide you with a quick introduction to our LIMS software.
Those videos are your quick start into LIMS. This area is constantly being expanded – so it’s definitely worth taking a look regularly!

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LIMS Software Demo: Brief insight into the software

In this short LIMS video tutorial, we give a quick overview of important functionalities of the LIMS software [FP]-LIMS.

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LIMS Tutorial: Laboratory software for industrial and testing laboratories

The Laboratory Information & Management System [FP]-LIMS makes quality control and assurance in production, research, and development easy. [FP]-LIMS can be easily and quickly integrated into any laboratory and offers solutions for all databases, instrument manufacturers, and platforms.

LIMS Software DIA is now-FP LIMS

The LIMS software initially known as “[DIA]2000″ and “[DIA]-Analysis Management” became [FP]-LIMS for Fink & Partner‘s 25th anniversary. Under the new name, we have continuously optimized the software in recent years – always with the focus on significantly simplifying everyday laboratory work and quality management.

LIMS Video Tutorials: Frequently Asked Questions

A LIMS can provide a laboratory with the comprehensive and sophisticated IT infrastructure necessary to manage and analyze the large amount of data generated in modern laboratories.  LIMS video tutorials are an efficient and cost-effective way for laboratories to learn how to use a LIMS.

LIMS video tutorials can be used to show users how to perform common tasks within LIMS, such as creating a new user account, registering a sample, or adding results to a sheet. By watching these videos, users can quickly learn how to use LIMS without having to read lengthy manuals or training materials.

The popularity of LIMS video tutorials is on the rise. This is probably due to the convenience and flexibility they offer. However, there are still many users who would like to see more tutorials. When will more LIMS video tutorials follow?

We have recognized the need and will be publishing more LIMS video tutorials on this page very soon. We will also publish them on our YouTube channel. Follow us to never miss another video tutorial!