Online Seminar: Bye-Bye Excel

Why Excel is not a lab software substitute

Everybody loves Excel! Excel can flexibly process different types of data, generate great graphics, is relatively intuitive to use, and is available for free. But without ever having been designed for it, Excel has quietly become the most widely used lab software substitute.

But is it a sustainable solution? Clear answer: no.

In the webinar, you will learn with clear examples why Excel cannot replace LIMS software:

  • Why Excel is not suitable as laboratory software in the long run.
  • 10 practical examples
  • How a LIMS software pays for itself within a very short period of time

By the way: For those who prefer reading, we have also summarized the topic for you in the form of a whitepaper. We hope you enjoy reading it and gain many new insights! >> To the whitepaper “Bye-bye Excel: 10 reasons against Excel as laboratory software”.