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Secure certificate and blockchain technology

Prototype started: Now anchor your certificates in the blockchain fortgery

What’s new in development: The topic of security with blockchain technology

We have developed a first simple interface to securely bring data into the blockchain as hash. The fields to be signed are freely definable (whether customer name, address, quality characteristics, delivery details,…), from which an immutable and unique hash is formed and incorporated into the blockchain, seamlessly, immediately and at the lowest possible Price. The data can be checked against the blockchain at a later date to prove the authenticity and integrity of the certificate.
Both submission and verification are available, providing a secure certificate of data as well as a simple QRCode that needs to be scanned to facilitate the verification process.


  • No more falsification of certificates, delivery documents, documents possible
  • You can hash your quality data, measurement data, you can save it to the blockchain forever

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