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LIMS system in use: Excerpt of our enthusiastic customers

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Your advantages thanks to modern LIMS system

Extensive functions

[FP]-LIMS offers extensive functionalities even in the light version. The LIMS system is optimally tailored to the requirements of operating laboratories and convinces across the board.

Impressive flexibility

Are you looking for a LIMS system with a high degree of flexibility? You have found it with [FP]-LIMS. It adapts completely to your individual business requirements – not the other way around.

Optimal price performance

We are proud to offer you highly functional LIMS system at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. That’s why we communicate our prices quite transparently.

Proven laboratory solution

[FP]-LIMS software has been developed based on over 30 years of experience in performing, tracking, validating, and documenting measurements, and has been continuously enhanced with user feedback.

Worldwide awareness

More than 6000 installations around the world – international customers from numerous industries and with different focuses have relied on the proven cross-industrial [FP]LIMS system, in some cases for decades.

We speak your language!

We are true laboratory process experts and know what LIMS system must offer to optimally support your individual laboratory processes. This is reflected both in the functionalities of the software and in the terminology used.

LIMS system solutions for a wide range of applications

The modern LIMS software [FP]-LIMS is used in many different application areas. It always unfolds its full power where a large amount of data has to be collected, analyzed, documented, and tracked. Find out below, for example, about the LIMS system industry solutions or the LIMS system solutions by company size.

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Today, foundry specialists and lab technicians feel a growing need for data transparency and data visualization. Our [FP]-LIMS laboratory software is the solution for the increasing requirements and standards in the foundry industry.

Learn more about the LIMS solution for the foundry industry.


Laboratory Information and Management Systems have proven themselves in the chemical industry because it is particularly effective where a lot of complex data is generated. With [FP]-LIMS, Fink & Partner offers a versatile and practical concept for the chemical industry.

Learn more about the LIMS solution for the chemical industry.

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Testing Lab

Test samples must be managed and the path of each individual batch of material must be traceable to the goods issue. Added to this is the assurance and documentation of the correct calibration of the test equipment used: our [FP]-LIMS system meets all requirements.

Learn more about the LIMS solution for testing laboratories.

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Thanks to our [FP]-LIMS Light Version, the use of professional laboratory software is no longer reserved for large companies with the corresponding financial resources. The cost-effective version is a real help for small laboratories in particular in completing daily laboratory tasks. [FP]-LIMS Light is perfect for single users with one measuring device. This is how LIMS system works today!


[FP]-LIMS makes the everyday work of small and medium-sized companies much easier. By automating processes, you save a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors. The intelligent workflow accompanies you in your everyday tasks. Depending on the desired range of functions, [FP]-LIMS Standard or [FP]-LIMS Professional is recommended for SMEs. Secure your head start in the lab with the LIMS system.

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Thanks to our highly flexible LIMS system, the parallel use of different stand-alone solutions is no longer necessary. Handle your entire laboratory processes across the group with just one software. The high level of automation and intuitive workflows with central access for all laboratories ensure transparency across the group and a reduction in effort and costs.

Who benefits from the use of FP-LIMS system?

– The best results in laboratory management –

Laboratory staff

Less effort

The use of [FP]-LIMS system has been proven to reduce your documentation effort by up to 80%. Finally, more time for the main tasks!

More accurate results.

The [FP]-LIMS system helps generate precise, reproducible results.

Full integration

Connect all lab and measurement devices to the [FP]LIMS system to create a fully digital environment for your lab management.

Quality Manager

Assurance of quality standards.

The [FP]-LIMS LIMS system enables complete workflow automation, reducing human error.


A secure and reportable audit trail allows tracking of all data in the system and logs all changes.

Analyses and Evaluations

Extensive, automatable analyses and evaluations enable you to recognize trends in the measurements at an early stage.


Reduce costs

The use of [FP]-LIMS system reduces effort and eliminates paperwork. For you, this means immense cost savings!

Promote transparency

Receive automatically all important figures, data and facts around the measurements in your laboratory and be always informed!

Integration into the IT system.

Whether ERP, MES or PPS – [FP]-LIMS can be fully integrated into your production and business systems.

Success stories: Our customers achieve first-class results with FP-LIMS

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Learn in the [FP]-LIMS user report how the fertilizer producer COMPO EXPERT has already benefited from the use of LIMS software from Fink & Partner for years. "We would not be able to do what we do today if we didn't have [FP]-LIMS."

LIMS system: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –

ICP Module

Process and evaluate measurement data from ICP devices professionally – this is possible with the [FP]-LIMS ICP module.

Learn more about the ICP module.

Input Dialogue

Manual measurement data can be recorded more easily, making everyday work easier – this is possible with the [FP]-LIMS input dialogue.

Learn more about the input dialogue.

Browser Interface

Making relevant laboratory information easily available to other stakeholders within the company – that’s the idea behind the [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface.

Learn more about the browser interface.

Workflow Management System

Central control of laboratory-related business processes such as approvals or complaints procedures – that is the idea behind the [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management System.

Learn more about workflow management.

FP-LIMS system: Frequently asked questions

– Still questions? Here you will find the answers –

Are you looking for a powerful and flexible LIMS system? Then you are like our thousands of customers worldwide from a wide range of industries who are already using [FP]-LIMS.

The feedback is clear: [FP]-LIMS convinces with its clear structure, comprehensive features even in the smallest version and especially with its high flexibility. Above all, it is important to us that the software is highly practical in use, which is why it is constantly being further developed and optimized by our team of developers.

Please feel free to arrange a completely free and non-binding demo appointment, in which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.

A major unique selling point – and this is also what our customers worldwide appreciate about our LIMS system – is its high flexibility.
This is evident both in the software itself (many features and parameters can be adapted independently and flexibly by the user), but also in the flexibility of the application.

Our [FP]-LIMS laboratory software is so flexibly designed that it can be used in a wide variety of industries, but also from the smallest laboratory to the largest laboratory complex in a corporate group. You also don’t need to worry about the interface connection to your measuring instruments – a variety of interfaces to many well-known measuring instruments are included as standard.

We are very proud that we can offer a powerful LIMS system at a very competitive price. In concrete terms, this means that our [FP]-LIMS Light (suitable for one user with integration of a measuring device) is available for as little as $ 3,000 – so LIMS prices are very attractive.  But also all other versions for more demanding tasks are comparatively inexpensive. You will be amazed!

By the way: Unless you decide to sign a service contract, all our prices are fixed prices. So you invest once and enjoy your powerful LIMS for a long time.

Our experienced team has already mastered moves to [FP]-LIMS for various customers in different industries. Experience has shown that the simple migration of data from external systems to [FP]-LIMS keeps the effort involved in the move within limits.

Don’t worry: We will accompany you throughout the entire process. We will be happy to analyze the current situation in a personal meeting and explain the options to you. However, we are happy to take on any challenge for you.