Laboratory Information Management System: LIMS

The laboratory software DIA becomes the LIMS software FP-LIMS

[FP]-LIMS is the new all-in version of [DIA] Analysis Management. Are you looking for information about the LIMS system DIA2000, DIA2000SE, [DIA] Basic, [DIA] Light versions?

LIMS System by Fink & Partner is cross-industrial, has open interfaces to numerous lab devices, and communicates with already existing databases

Why LIMS system in today’s lab environment?

The requirement for more and more tests and documentation is increasing a lot nowadays. Also, laboratories have to react quickly to certificate generation and incoming disposal orders, like those coming from an upper-level system such as ERP, SAP, and CAQ. LIMS systems are designed to fit all these requirements and much more. LIMS is an acronym for Laboratory Information Management System. It is a software system developed to manage data, samples, and workflows and plays a crucial role in the quality of your measurement analyses.

[FP]-LIMS by Fink & Partner has been successfully fulfilling these tasks for years in centralized and decentralized laboratories worldwide. Here, the central test processing is mainly held, whose work processes are automated in the best possible way or are carried out in reduced manual steps.

High-tech LIMS systems save time, costs and ensure high quality by avoiding errors. With a LIMS system, you will have an advantage over your competitors. [FP]-LIMS is flexible and reliable, can adapt to your process, and integrates easily and quickly into your business for the management of your raw data, data analysis, or as a “data collector”.

LIMS system – designed to support numerous open interfaces

Next to conventional measurement devices, which supply measurement data, and through our collaborations with large laboratory equipment manufacturers, simple integration of your laboratory equipment into the laboratory information management system is now possible! Using [FP]-LIMS system, you can collect, process, evaluate, and archive all raw data from laboratory measurement devices (also, produced by different manufacturers) in just one database.

As already mentioned, your data can be transferred to a higher-level ERP system or a CAQ software solution or supplemented during the process, even via automatic import/export. The raw data of the measuring devices remain stored in the central [FP]-LIMS database and are available for later audits.

The newest laboratory information and management system (also known as LIMS laboratory software) developed by Fink & Partner was developed independently of the application area and can, therefore, be implemented in several industries thanks to its flexibility. In fact, [FP]-LIMS is cross-industrial. Fink & Partner has over 6000 installations worldwide since the module-based, adaptable software architecture allows to find specific requirements and needs.
[FP]-LIMS is highly customizable and flexible and can, therefore, be quickly integrated into your existing system and adapted to changes.

Cost-effective & powerful: upgrade the quality of your work with a brand “made in Germany”

Fink & Partner has been developing and implementing LIMS systems since 1992. Years of experience and close cooperation with many device manufacturers have given us a high level of expertise, which leads to a fast and cost-effective implementation of your requests. Moreover, [FP]-LIMS has many pre-programmed interfaces, the connection of new devices or communication with higher-level systems is no challenge for us; a fast implementation is guaranteed.

The database: the core of the LIMS system.

By adding modules such as inspection order management or recipe management, we can cover your needs. Everything is developed by qualified consultancy, and support, and continuous cooperation through all project phases by your contact person; your satisfaction is our goal!

Analysis management

A new name, [FP]-LIMS, in combination with the well-known core, [DIA]2000, for its robust data analysis administration

Input dialog

Use the powerful input dialog to record data like a measuring machine manually.

Workflow Management

With the Workflow Management Modul, you will be able to put in your process and its procedures in our system.

LIMS Software DIA is now FP LIMS - Fink und Partner GmbH

Laboratory software in use: Excerpt of our customers

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