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There are many LIMS software industry solutions, but only one that really suits you.

There are several LIMS software solutions on the market. There is universal software, but also more specialized solutions.
Our LIMS software is characterized by particularly high flexibility and scalability.

How do you benefit from this? The [FP]-LIMS software completely adapts to your individual business requirements, not the other way around.

Our customers are global players as well as small and medium-sized companies from all industries. Aluminum, automotive, foundry, chemical, metal and many more – all have one thing in common: Fink & Partner as an innovative and reliable partner.

For 30 years now, we have been industry experts and, together with our customers, we face challenges such as digitalization and industry 4.0. We know the specifics of the industries and together we develop the best solution for your company.

LIMS system solutions by industry

– In these industries, [FP]-LIMS unfolds its full power –


LIMS software in aluminum manufacturing / aluminum production simplifies laboratory processes, reduces documentation efforts, and thus increases the quality of the entire workflow in the aluminum industry.

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The automotive industry has very specific requirements in the area of production and foundry. Very special materials and measurement processes are used in the production of automobiles, which are optimally supported by our [FP]-LIMS.

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Professional measurements are of great importance in the chemical industry. Our [FP]-LIMS system optimally supports all laboratory processes in the chemical industry and ensures consistently high measurement quality.

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Today, foundry specialists and lab technicians feel a growing need for data transparency and data visualization. Our [FP]-LIMS laboratory software is the solution for the increasing requirements and standards in the foundry industry.

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LIMS Glass Production


The central management of laboratory data is also becoming increasingly important in the glass industry. A glass LIMS can be a decisive lever along the value chain in glass manufacturing to exploit all the possibilities of digitization.

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Mechanical Engineering

Automation and digitization are increasingly taking on a central role in the modern mechanical engineering industry. These mechanisms are intended to reduce production costs, optimize manufacturing and, last but not least, increase quality.

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Metal trade

In times of digitalization and Industry 4.0, it is very important to manage data volumes as economically and efficiently as possible.  Our metal trade LIMS [FP]-LIMS is an effective way to manage all accumulating laboratory data.

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lims metallveredelung branchen fp lims

Metal finishing

A metal finishing LIMS can help to centrally and transparently manage the laboratory data generated in a metal processing plant.

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ne metalle lims

Non-ferrous metals

Our Non-ferrous metals LIMS can help you to professionally manage all accruing laboratory data and take the next important step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

View NF Metals industry solution >>

LIMS Paper industry


By their very nature, companies in the paper industry generate a large amount of data in the laboratory during paper analysis that needs to be managed. A LIMS securely stores and manages all analysis data in a central database.

View paper industry solution >>

LIMS Plastics industry


Plastics and polymers must withstand the planned load. In plastics analysis, materials such as thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers are therefore intensively tested. A LIMS provides support for data management.

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Testing lab

Data accumulating in a testing laboratory must be collected, analyzed, networked, and securely stored. Our [FP]-LIMS supports test laboratories in all their small and large challenges.

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lims recycling fp lims software


[FP]-LIMS is a modern and highly practical software solution for the collection, preparation, management, and evaluation of all data generated in the laboratory.  With our LIMS software, we offer you a very practical, high-performance, and proven way to centrally manage your laboratory data.

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Production in a modern steel mill implies many measurement procedures and workflows, which is why the laboratory technicians and steel experts deal with many measurement results. This laboratory data must be carefully collected, evaluated, managed and archived.

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zement lims fp lims software


Managing the amount of data as efficiently and economically as possible – this is one of the biggest challenges that cement plants also face today. A cement LIMS can help to centrally and transparently manage and visualize the laboratory data accumulating in a cement plant.

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