Application areas of the software for quality management

In more than 25 years we have, among other things, accompanied a large number of exciting projects in various industries. Please do not hesitate to contact us. It is only through contact that you can see whether we can help you. The fact that we have helped others is certainly interesting, but every company has its own requirements. It is a matter of finding out these in conversation and presenting possible solutions to you in a vivid way. Here you can find a first insight into possible industries.

Customer feedback

“Fink & Partner GmbH has been a
strong partner at our side for 25 years.”

“A first-class, fast and
competent support.”

“Although Fink & Partner GmbH makes standard software, they always
respond to our individual wishes and we remain release-ready!

“A quality management software
with a slim and very appealing design.”

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